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The truth is, 8 in every 10 business startups are closed or deregistered within the 1st year of inception.

Whilst financing and cash flow is a leading reason for this, the inability to meet regulatory compliance requirements and be adequately prepared for it comes a close second.

Knowing this, Fidelis will work closely with you to ensure that you start on the right foot by choosing the right business entity and helping you with compliance requirements along the way.

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Afraid of starting up your own business because you lack
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Fidelis is here with a full range of company formation
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Company Deadline!

Keep missing a vital deadline where you have to spend a sum of money on fines and may end up with directors’ prosecution?

Not to worry, we are here to help!

Rather than paying fines, we’d rather you go for a nice company lunch or tea!


In short, here’s how our team at Fidelis can

support your entrepreneurship journey:

A One Stop Service Solution To Help New Start-Ups Advice & Support To Relevant Grants & Application Front End Customer Service Support To Facilitate Your Entry Into The Business

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I want peace of mind and I know they have my interests at heart. There is nobody else who can match these guys in terms of trust.
— Hann Chia, Entrepreneur

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Our Fidelis officers advise new entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners alike to help them in discharging their fiduciary responsibilities.

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